Aastha Agrawal

About Me:

I am a Computer Science Masters student at Georgia Tech. I started running a few years back wanting to be a fitter and healthier version of myself, and now running has become so much more than I ever expected. It’s meditative. Almost cathartic after sitting hours in front of a laptop. Gives a way to explore new neighborhoods and trails. Make new friends and be part of an always welcoming running community. An opportunity to contribute to social causes and organizations like Asha for Education.

Describe Team Asha Atlanta in one word:

Inspiration and Motivation

What makes you fundraise for Asha:

Asha for Education facilitates access to basic education to underprivileged kids in India. I believe education is transformative and one of the best way to bring socio-economic changes.

A message to the donors:

It would mean a lot if you could contribute towards the cause. No contribution is small. Every bit matters 🙂

I’m Running:

Half Marathon

400 USD Target
150 USD Raised
3 Supporters
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Mailing Address

For checks/donations:
Asha for Education – Atlanta
PO Box 398080
San Francisco, CA 94139 – 8080

For general communications:
Asha For Education, Atlanta
350 Ferst Drive NW
2211 Student Center Commons
Atlanta, GA 30332

Tax Status

Asha for Education is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.