Baridhi Malakar

I’ve been associated with Asha for Education, Atlanta/Gatech chapter for about 2 years now. In a nutshell, the organization is run by volunteers who aim to gather funds to support various initiatives to help underprivileged children and women. They have chapters across various US campuses, supported by students and/or working professionals, who carve aside some hours during the week without any remuneration. Funds generated through various activities are used to sponsor individual projects. There are periodic reviews to assess which initiatives should be picked; there are site audits by volunteers to ensure that the money disbursed is utilized for a just cause. These moves could be as simple as funding a child’s education to a basic school – or to equip women with additional skills to help them enter the workforce, to become financially independent. During my association so far, I’ve usually been driven by two simple ideas: it helps me recount how fortunate and privileged I’ve been – that I didn’t have to struggle for some of these basic things – like a good school, teachers and an enabling environment at home. That sometimes, I even take these for granted! Only when I stand in comparison to someone less privileged, does it help remind me to count my blessings. To feel gratitude. And in doing so, I choose to help in this tiny way by contributing my bit. Previously, I’ve volunteered for concession stands where we stand-in at counters selling burgers to visitors of GT events. Our share of remuneration is contributed toward the Asha GT funds. With this fund-raiser, I aim to bring at least one more smile to a child’s face. I believe in this tiny transformation. And urge you to contribute by donating, to the best of your capacity!

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