Diego Vaca

Collaborating and fundraising money with Asha for Education has been an extraordinary experience. It has allowed me to use my passion for running with helping unprivileged children in India. My experience in 2019 taught me that the only thing you need to do to leave a dent in the world is just “showing up”. The same philosophy is valid for both training and changing the world. It does not matter how long  the distance is or how big the social problem is. As long as you persist and do not get discouraged by the setbacks, you can make a difference. For this year’s race (2020), I have had the privilege of being one of the coaches of my fellow runners in the group. Witnessing their changes from “it is impossible to run 13.1 miles” to “lets enjoy the race” has been an amazing experience. In summary, help me to continue changing the world by donating to Asha for Education. Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference.

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