Nishant Jain

Hello everyone. I have been running with the AshaGT group for the past 2 years and have completed one half-marathon before. While I previously ran for a more personal goal of overcoming odds and the mental block that I could not run beyond 3-5 miles, I am running this year for all the people who say “It can’t be done” or “you cannot succeed” or ” you will not outgrow the life you were born into”. These are the people who were less fortunate than me and were born with a handicap in life – no parents, social outcasts, no means to be successful because of no education and other trying circumstances. These are children who have no control on the world around them but Asha wants to make a difference. They want to help. Truly help. Some of the projects being governed in India for the betterment of children education are in Maharashtra, West Bengal, UP, Orissa and some other states. These projects take many shapes but some that drew my attention were:
– Shelter for children of sex workers
– Provision of basic school supplies and technology in villages cut off from major metros
– Vocational education beyond books like teaching mechanics, carpentry, stitching, setting up shops and management.

I hope you can donate any small amount as I truly believe this will go towards bettering another human’s life. I will personally see to it that the money is directed to those who truly need it.
Also, “It can be done” and “we will succeed”. Together !!

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