About us

Asha for Education

Asha for Education was started in summer of 1991 by few students at the University of California, Berkeley. These young people shared the belief that education is a critical requisite and an effective catalyst for social and economic change in India. The group was named Asha to represent the hope that these individuals aimed to bring into the lives of children in India. In keeping with this focus, Asha volunteers get involved with and support projects that have an education-related component to
The objectives of this group are:
To provide education to underprivileged children in India.
To encourage the formation of various local groups, both in India and U.S., to reach out to larger sections of the population.
To support and cooperate with individuals and groups already engaged in similar activities.
To raise the required human and other resources to achieve the group objectives.

We are a 100% volunteer driven organization with 50+ chapters worldwide. To learn more please go to www.new.ashanet.org

Asha Atlanta was started in 2006 at the Georgia Tech campus. It is a completely volunteer driven organization, comprising of dedicated individuals from the greater Atlanta area and Georgia Tech. We believe that true socio-economic change in any country can only be brought about through education and employment of its youth. To this effect, Asha Atlanta supports a number of projects that focus on
improving quality of basic education in Govt. schools
ensuring retention in higher education and minimizing high school dropouts
emotional and empowerment counseling
vocational training

Bi-monthly Meetings are held at Georgia Tech campus

Date, time and venue: Wednesdays, 6PM – 7PM, Howey Physics Building, Room N210, Georgia Tech

Join our mailing lists to stay updated: Send an email to atlanta@ashanet.org