Summer 2023 Training

Starting May 28 2023

Registration Link:

Hi there! Register for the Spring Training 2021 to train for a 5K or a 10K. It is a 10-week training program that includes goal-oriented virtual runs and online workout sessions led by experienced coaches. In addition, you will get constant feedback on your running, fitness, and well-being in general.


Goal-Oriented Runs:

  • Weekly goals, that slowly trend higher, will serve as stepping stones to reaching your final goal
  • Earn points with every run, workout, and goal completed
  • The top 10 individuals on the leaderboard will win Asha t-shirt
  • Compete in teams created by hosting runners’ auction for the prestigious Asha cup

Online Workout Sessions:

  • 4 workout sessions every week which provides you enough flexibility to attend some of them every week
  • A diverse set of workouts that involve strength training, cardio, dance, yoga, etc
  • Set personal best for push-ups, planks, and squat holds, and see yourself improving every week
  • Regular attendees will receive workout goodies

Final Race:

  • Participate in a final race with water stops and scenic routes with Asha volunteers cheering you all the way
  • All the finishers will get a certificate and a medal
  • Refreshments will be provided before and after the race


  • Asha for Education is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to educate underprivileged children.
  • All Asha Atlanta runners will raise funds for Asha for education.
  • All the runners are encouraged to create Facebook fundraisers and share it with their friends and family 

Registration Fee: 

  • $15 for new participants, $10 for returning runners
  • Most of the registration fee will be spent on conducting the summer training program and the rest will go toward the education of underprivileged children

Contact us:

  • Please send us an email at or message us on Facebook/Instagram.
Want inspiration? Be sure to check this out to see how much fun the Running Program is: