Akshay Krishnan

I’m a grad student and a part-time wanderer-in-the-mountains. 🙂
Education is a basic necessity that every child should have access to. It has the potential to transform entire communities. Being able to contribute to this cause while working on my running goals is a win-win for me! Please consider supporting and contributing to my fundraiser in whatever capacity. Thank you!

Project I resonate with most : Gram Vikas Trust
Gram Vikas Trust (GVT) is for the education, health and women’s empowerment in the underprivileged communities speicifically in Vagra sub-district of Bharuch, Gujarat. Some of the programs include a bicycle program to help girls from remote villages commute to high school, and a teacher training program to improve the quality of education in govt. schools and vocational training programs for girls. Some of the items supported by your donations include bicycles, bicycle repair and transportation, school bags, note books, uniforms etc

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